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Photo of the cast of Urinetown performing a group number.

Musical Theatre

Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Music in Musical Theatre


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Admissions Coordinator
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Musical Theatre Coordinator
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Belmont's award winning, nationally ranked, musical theatre program is designed for students who exhibit exceptional performance potential in musical theatre. Belmont offers a Bachelor of Music and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre. The Musical Theatre major provides concentrated study in singing, acting and dance for students interested in pursuing performance careers in musical theatre. Our Bachelor of Music degree was named among the top 10 in the nation!

Since the beginning of our program in 1997, our students have been known for their professionalism, talent and work ethic required for a successful career in the Musical Theatre industry. The founder of the program, Marjorie Halbert, always said it's called MUSICAL theatre. She said this a bit in jest, but it also makes sense. Music is the language used to tell the story in a musical. It is the unifying element which brings acting, dance and singing together to create this unique art form. It is often noticed that Belmont Musical Theatre graduates are excellent musicians with advanced skills in sight-reading and harmonic singing. Our graduates have a working knowledge of vocal health which is evident in their longevity, versatility of styles and strength during long performance runs. Although we focus on classical technique as the foundation, our students are known for their open, healthy sound and for what is now being termed in New York as the "Belmont Belt".

Multiple productions of Belmont University's Musical Theatre program have been recognized as winners of The American Prize in Musical Theatre Performance, having been chosen from among the nation's finest ensembles.

Belmont’s Musical Theatre faculty are highly trained professionals who are devoted to excellence in musical theatre training and performance. Each faculty member continues to work in the industry. As a faculty, they are devoted to helping each student reach his or her potential and to be prepared for success. Visit our Faculty page to read more about our Musical Theatre faculty. 

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    Belmont Musical Theatre 2020 Presents...

  • Hamlet Remix created by Joel Kirk
    12-16-2020 | Streaming On Demand | Massey Concert Hall Performance Archive

    Belmont Musical Theatre presents: Hamlet Remix

    The story of Hamlet told through muscial theatre. The musical concept for this production is that each character has their own story and therefore their own voice. To this end, a different composer has written music for each separate character.

    Stream the video

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